Many think that playing in a casino is only an entertainment for the rich people. Well, it can be a really expansive habit, that is true. But by knowing the rules and strategies for the games, and using the bonuses that online casinos offer for us, mathematics will be on our side. I’d like to help you with this on our website where you can find any relevant information. There are important differences between online casino and live casino introduced on this website. Nowdays, thanks for the latest developments the dealer could be an online player to gain the feeling like we were in a real casino.

How to start:

We have collected the most important topics regarding online gaming and casinos. These are the essential topics you have to know very well, in order not to lose a lot of money when playing in a casino. Also, at the end, we have a recommendation about the best 5 casinos worth starting with.

So let’s go step by step.

  • First, you have to know about the basics of online gaming, these are explainedhere.
  • Then, you have to know all the specific terms that we use describing the games, and our chances of winning.
  • Which is the most favourable bonus system? It is the so called Cashable.
  • Rule of the Blackjack, the course of the game, the best strategy of the Blackjack and other Blackjack’s rule apart from the classic one.
  • Rule of the Roulette, variations of the game, the math and the strategy of  Roulette
  • Rule of the Video Poker, the course of the game and its math
  • Rules and strategies of the Baccara
  • Rule of the 3 Card Poker
  • Chances, rules and math in the Casino War
  • And now, you are ready to take the first steps, and select one of our recommended sites to play.

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